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master plan university campus Ledeganck

The Ledeganck complex was erected in 1960 after a design by architect Jules Trenteseau for the faculty of sciences at the university of Gent. The tower has 12 floors and is placed perpendicularly on a plinth where students and researchers enter the building. The tower itself is one of the most striking buildings in Ghent that rises above the 50-meter limit. The building complex consists mainly of research laboratories, offices and auditoriums.

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Redevelopment Markt Oudenaarde

The City of Oudenaarde wanted to make its city centre a pleasant meeting place. From inquiries with the residents, it turned out that less traffic and a pleasant place to stay were the high on the wish list for most people. The masterplan provides an answer to these preconditions without losing sight of the overall picture.

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Sustainable city project, Mortsel

This project consists of three essential parts: a passive multi-functional building, the sustainable city square with awning and underground car park. All components have been realised in a Public-Private Partnership. 

communicatie en grafisch ontwerp door Lavagraphics