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Abscis Architects’ mission

For Abscis Architecten, the city is the collective space in which contemporary society manifests and develops, with its history, dynamics and diversity, and its wealth of places and particularities that we cherish and take care of. The city as foundation for human activity is never absolute and can always be improved by means of organisation and efficiency.

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K-department PC Sleidinge: Yidam & Yügen

The Mater Dei site of the PCGS Psychiatric Centre in Sleidinge includes a park garden and is surrounded by greenery and farmland. In addition to various departments for adults, the Sister house (‘Zusterhuis’), which houses administration and therapy facilities for young people, is also located here. The new Yidam & Yügen project, together with the sister house, the children's farm and a recreation area for sports, games and recreation, will form a completely independent youth campus.  The current youth residential groups are currently scattered among adult wards.

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Temporary European School Brussels

In anticipation of the construction of the 'European School V Brussels', the Belgian Buildings Agency held a (DBM-)competition for the construction of a temporary school on the parking lot of the former NATO headquarters in Haren.