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Abscis Architects’ mission

For Abscis Architecten, the city is the collective space in which contemporary society manifests and develops, with its history, dynamics and diversity, and its wealth of places and particularities that we cherish and take care of. The city as foundation for human activity is never absolute and can always be improved by means of organisation and efficiency.

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PPP Heart of Hamme

This project is part of the ambitious master plan ‘Hamme 2020’, which is a framework for a total redevelopment of the centre of the town of Hamme. The reconversion plan contains some crucial interventions towards improving the residential quality of both inhabitants and visitors by redesigning the public space and creating a commercial area that reinforces retail activity in the heart of the town.

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Redevelopment Markt Oudenaarde

The City of Oudenaarde wanted to make its city centre a pleasant meeting place. From inquiries with the residents, it turned out that less traffic and a pleasant place to stay were the high on the wish list for most people. The masterplan provides an answer to these preconditions without losing sight of the overall picture.

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Nomination World's Coolest Car Park 2018

Our car park has been selected as 1 out of 10 projects eligible for the "World's Coolest Car Park 2018" award.

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