Abscis Architecten - IdN-2017 Vol.23 No.5

International Designers Network

AZ St.Lucas Hospital Parking Tower - RIKGRAFIEK

AZ St.Lucas
Hospital Parking

> “For my dream project I’d like to fuse two of my passions: design and football. From the design of the crest to the kits to the signage and wayfinding inside and outside of the stadium. The possibilities to make your mark seem endless. Incorporating the unique visual heritage of an old club into something new and refreshing would be a challenge I’d love to take on.”

Ω Rik Staesens
Σ Gent, Belgium
Δ www.rikgrafiek.be
RikGrafiek ( www.rikgrafiek.be )

Bron: IdN, Vol23 No.5

Naar het project 'Parkeergebouw AZ Sint- Lucas & Volkskliniek'