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A broadly-supported approach

To realize this ambition, Abscis Architects opts for an integrated approach. For every project a unique Project Team is put together from a team of architects, urban planners, landscape architects, and interior designers. In each team the Project Architect functions as the pivot and central point of contact. He or she communicates with the client, consultants, and advisory bodies. Each Project Team also has the administrative support of the secretarial office, and is closely monitored by Partners who coach the Project Team towards a quality standard in design, budget and planning, technical solutions, sustainability and BIM*.



Abscis Architects has been investing for a number of years in BIM (Building Information Modelling), where an integrated digital model is created from a project in all its facets. For us this is the perfect medium for design coordination and budget control. For contractors it forms the foundation for sound planning, implementation coordination, and cost control. For clients, this as-built model is the tool of choice for rational facility management.


To achieve the best possible result, Abscis Architects invests in design workshops, in which the entire team, the client, and the advisory bodies collaborate on a well-founded basis for each concept, with the necessary attention to both rationality and creativity. Our range is wide: from no-nonsense to fragile, sensitive architecture.

Building on our foundations

Over the years we developed our distinctive set of methods, tools, and R&D structure that we continue to update and refine. Our co-workers are encouraged to specialize in their areas of interest and to take an active role within the expertise of Abscis. We thus succeed in providing clients with architecturally innovative solutions and simultaneously fulfil the role of architect within an increasingly complex context.


The five partners, architect and urban planner Piet Van Cauwenberghe, architect Frank Van Kerckhove, engineer-architect Arthur Van Cauwenberghe, architect Johan Van den Driessche and engineer-architect Pieter De Smet, are responsible for the supervision on every dossier, and will watch over the common vision being reflected in every project.

Creativity, diversity, sustainability

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